California Tailor's Tomboy Tees

What a difference a season makes.

Spring is here in London, and while spring (and even summer) weather in the UK doesn't always call for sandals and sundresses, what it does call for is bare limbs,16-hour days, and semi-regular sunshine. 

These days that's enough for me, though it's certainly different from what I'm used to.

I grew up in the Southern US. Atlanta, if we're getting specific. 

In the seven years that have passed since I left Atlanta, I've learned just how good I had it at home – weather-wise, and of course otherwise as well.

The thing is, in the South you're guaranteed four solid seasons of weather each year. Bright, sweltering summers, colorful springs and autumns, and cold-enough winters. You can step outside and know for sure what time of year it is based on the weather, because the seasons match the calendar in a way that I've come to learn is unique. The only thing the South is guilty of is a few unseasonably warm and sunny days in the winter every now and again. But I'm not complaining about that.

Thanks to the seven years I've spent living in the chillier, less predictable climates of New York and especially London, I've come to value and appreciate the changing of the seasons and specifically the feeling of warm sunshine on my arms and legs in a way that I could never have imagined before.

I know that Gill from California Tailor can relate. You may recall from my interview with Gill earlier this year she's a fellow expat – a Londoner in the US, calling Los Angeles her for-now home. And though a sunny day in London is stunningly beautiful, with its bright green grass and the crazy-clear sun, I can imagine that Gill has grown to love the feeling of Southern California sunshine. Not to mention what the weather allows you to wear, all year round.

To celebrate the sushine and the arrival of a the almost-summer season in London and elsewhere, California Tailor has just released a line of everyday tees. Featuring floral prints from Liberty of London, the Tomboy Tees are the perfect mix of the LA x London lifestyle. It's a classic tee made easy thanks to the cozy fit and, by the way, did I mention that London's famous Liberty was involved? (Don't even act like you haven't 'grammed the front of Liberty at some point. I know you have.)

Because this is a line after my local-loving heart, all of the tees were produced in downtown LA, and the fabric itself was knit just 20 minutes from the very studio where the tees were designed. Cool, right?

Celebrate the summer by grabbing your own Tomboy Tee here(I'm wearing the Classic Tee in Classic Navy with the Summer Neckerchief in Liberty's Jody Floral print, in case you want to be twinsies.) 

Happy shopping!


I received product from California Tailor though this is a business I truly believe in. Plus, at this point Gill from California Tailor and I are legit friends, k? Thank you for supporting the businesses that support Second Floor Flat. Have questions? Let me know!