Good Reads: 22 May 2015

It's the very rare combination of both a long weekend in the UK and the US which means that I'm going to more or less, semi-ish, take a three-day weekend!

Freelancers and self-employed folks will feel me. You never really get a full day off unless you force yourself to take one. I rarely do this which is my own damn fault, but this weekend I just might. 

In other news, thank you for all of your lovely comments and support on my piece about surrender. It's an ongoing process, that's for sure, but I was glad to hear that so many of you related in so many ways. Man, this community sure is a great one.

Whether you're headed away or just headed for Netflix or for a new book, I hope you guys have a great weekend! See you on the flip side.

rings by jukserei via fy and catbird, ring dish by el aich designs, ceramic bangle by academy via cacto shop, silk good luck bracelet by jukserei

officially on the "when i'm back in the us" wishlist: the amos top....

...and on the "when i'm in nc" to do list: check out this and this.

this is a true gem. 

more thoughts on simplifying and shopping consciously.

appalachia, updated. 

on genuine blogging. (jaime nails this one). 

question: i'm thinking about doing a random, every month-ish post that just shows what we've been up to, lists some favorite things, activities, whatever. would that be really boring or interesting to you?

andrea's beautiful words on being alone.

this documentary.

tomboy tees from california tailor launched this week and they're awesome. more on that soon.

"canada in a thong" (thanks for introducing me to this story, clementine!)

still really loving this new podcast


favorite finds this week: oru / mira mira / giejo / royal caballito + nadinoo (both via calivintage) / the good hippie / bibelot & token (via her new tribe) / duzen (via design love fest) / funsize ceramics / roxy marj (via @juneletters) / tom pigeon (via angloyankophile) / pilgrim (via tomboy style) / nannie inez (via colore grace) / pesh towels / anvil handcrafted / the podolls / m. grace