Good Reads: 15 May 2015

Man, it's been a week.

I feel like I say that almost every week now, but it's just how it is.

We had some slight movement on the visa, which is the best, and we've shipped all of our belongings to the U.S. Once we get the visa, we're out of here.

I'm feeling much better now that the bulk of our stuff is gone. Of course, this all relates to the minimalist mindset and power of simplifying, but sheesh – the emotional weight that plain old stuff can carry is amazing. I feel so much lighter as I sit in a near-empty room, bright with morning light, writing this. There's so much more room (literally, figuratively) to breathe.

This weekend is about cleaning, trying to glean some cash from old electronics, and of course – looking for some good ol' London sunshine. As always, my list of favorite maker and retailer finds of the week is down at the bottom of this post.

Have a great one!

wonderful bobbie sent me a card for #happymailhappyhour and it made my entire week. you know when you're feeling blue and sorry for yourself, and then something shows up that changes you entire outlook? that was this. thank you, bobbie!

loving laurel hill's new anu collection. 

this new podcast by two gals i wish i was friends with.

true, and still true even if you just replace the word "mom" with the word "women".

vintage beauty.

looking forward to buying one of these prints when we're settled. (found via miss moss)

"she seemed acutely aware that the life she was curating online was distinctly different from the one she was actually living. Yet she could not apply that same logic when she looked at the projected lives of others." – an important story about mental illness, our need to normalize discussions surrounding mental illness, and the masks we wear on social media

yes ma'am.

getting this, just as soon as i get a bike, and just as soon as we get to the states. so at some point, i will get this bag.

finding some great indie titles lately. i mentioned woven last week, and this week i found lone wolf, got a girl crush, and ardent

a beautiful print.


favorite finds of the week:

 american nomad / the-commons (via the american edit) / att pynta / kate albee / almanac for june (found via tradlands) / vruwink / the horse (via flora and form) / nelson project / kristen saksa juan / mullein & sparrow / tracksmith / minor goods / miranda bennett / alyson fox / tarin thomas / kiki koyote / rebecca gladstone / ecru collection / fox & castle / palomarie / hartland brooklyn / dear hearts + gather (neither are new finds, but they are both new submissions to the indie maker directory that i can't believe i had previously left out. looking forward to shopping both of these places when we get to durham!)