Good Reads: 1 May 2015

We're officially back from Barcelona and my oh my, what a city it was.

I (poorly) described it on Instagram as a tropical Paris, and that's what it felt like to me. The history and architecture has the same romantic feel of France, but the colors, vegetation, and vibe is all tropical. 

Needless to say, I loved it and so appreciated all of your recommendations. Photos to come just as soon as soon as they're reviewed and in other words, it'll be a while. Until then, you can see a few snaps on Instagram

This weekly link roundup is heavy on independent makers and retailers because the list represents two weeks of finds – that's 26 favorite finds, y'all. Hold on to ya pocketbooks.

Have a great weekend!

(P.S. – it's another long weekend in the UK! I'll still be working on Monday but man. #Europe, amiright?)

like the rest of the internet, i'm so into amy schumer


lusting over linen sheets, big time.

this sketch of this photo. (so f-ing cool. thanks bridget!)

"what an artist captures, what a mother knows and what the public sees can be dangerously different things."

totally on board with the whole coloring book thing. 

my favorite restaurant in london has opened in our neighborhood, just as we're leaving. planning to milk it while we're still here!

this important documentary. (thank you, britany, for alerting me!)

the cutest pin.

an uplifting story on baltimore.

good news for anyone feeling challenged at work, or at home.

a beautiful wall hanging.

best style award goes to...

after i finish the buried giant, i plan to start this book. doesn't it have the best premise?

have actually been talking about buying these shoes since november. should i shut up and get them?



me elsewhere: how (and why) to build an online community

favorite finds: chay / apres ski / janessa leone / materials + process / language of the birds / consider the wlldflwrs / susan hoff / nell & mary / freda salvador (via block print social) / c. keller (newly relaunched!) / truss / risotto / baleen / charlotte stone / nu swim (via lisa says gah) / we are out of office / me & arrow / knock knock linen / cotton & flax / margaret jane design / little bear pots / miss balader (via light rust studio) / the boyscouts / ann margaret ceramics / ramble supply co. / arrow + sage