Good Reads: 17 April 2015

I won't lie. I've felt a swirl of emotions lately. 

We still don't have a move date yet and as more time passes – another season is here, another month is more than halfway through – it gets harder and harder. Some days I wonder if it'll all ever end. I know it will, but that doesn't make it any easier.

I'm taking each day almost an hour at a time. I've been feeling really hopeful and happy some days, and other days full of anxiety. That's what living in a limbo is like, as anyone who's ever been in one will know. When you're just waiting for something to happen, especially something this big, you don't know how to feel.

All in all I'm fine, it's just stressful times, that's all. We've finally gotten some sun and higher temperatures this week, which I'm endlessly grateful for, and we're headed to Barcelona next weekend which is, of course, amazing. I'm looking forward to exploring a new city, walking around all day in the sun, and stuffing my belly with food and wine when it's over. Start that countdown!

Hope you guys have a great, relaxing weekend!

picked up these slides from need supply co. for the barcelona trip and had the best experience of my life with international shipping. ($15 flat rate shipping, arrived in less than a week, no customs charges!)

in love with poetry again thanks to andrea. 

england in 1928.

perfect for summer: california tailor's new t-shirts.

it's times like this where i just really love lena dunham.

what's that? just a nurse cat.

in "need" of a new summer hat! going to look for something in barcelona, but otherwise am considering this, this, this, this, or this.

this is a crazy, devastating story.

just going to go ahead and grab this. (still so freakin' pumped, you guys)

let's get cookin'.

perfect spring flats.

young women experience different symptoms when they're having a heart attack. educate yourself.

time for this best-ever onion article.

"do i have a baby or a career?" – best advice.

...and on that note: this inspiring post by a lovely, successful mom + small business owner.


favorite finds of the week: lisa says gah (via her new tribe) / lazzari / gretel / first rite / the good closet / people i've loved (via june letters) / jordan grace owens / equal uprise / arela / baladi