How To Improve Your Outlook

This will sound flowery, but stick with me.

Somewhere along the way a therapist recommended a tip that works to quickly and easily improve your mood. That, or I made it up entirely.

Wherever the idea came from – in the form of advice from a trained professional or as a thought I fabricated in my head – I keep this tip in my metaphorical pocket and pull it out on the days that I need it most. The days when my outlook sucks, and I need to improve my view on the world.

This tip is beautiful in its simplicity. It works, and it goes something like this:

Look up.

When we're feeling stuck, moody, or anxious, many of us quite literally look down – eyes on the floor, shoulders sagging. Postures slope, and our body language leaves a ton to be desired.

When I start to notice that pattern in myself, I literally look up to see what's going on around me. To focus on the outside world and let my body breathe as I hear bodies and lungs like to do, rather than slouching down and giving in to the nonstop noise in my head.

It helps to improve your outlook. You'll get a better look at the day and be forced to face it rather than living in your head.

There's also that #LookUp hashtag and as nice as that is, it's not really what I'm talking about. It's good to look up to see the things you miss when you're walking down the street, neck craned forward, eyes glued to the phone, or the floor. It's nice to look up to see people, the sky, buildings. Look up to see the world that's passing you by. That sort of thing.

But it's even nicer to look up to get yourself out of your head and inspire some (maybe) needed confidence.

Look up, gang. And get ready for a different view.


This will be part of a new, once-in-a-while series where I offer "how to" advice that has nothing to do with life hacks, or pleasing your man, or organizing the products beneath your sink. Think of this as a series that offers little, everyday tips that will maybe help to make your life a tiny better.