Good Reads: 3 April 2015

Happy April, guys. We made it.

Easter is a holiday weekend in the UK, so technically the weekend starts Friday and ends Tuesday. The idea of a four day weekend – for Easter! – still feels novel to me since it merits no days off in the US and four day weekends are basically nonexistent. 

Anyway, we're taking a little day trip to the coast this weekend and I can't wait – for a change of scenery, some sea air (and actually, just fresh air in general) and most importantly, candy floss

Have a great weekend!

pulled some favorite joni mitchell quotes this week in light of the health scare, and man of man, will you look at these?

love this lookbook.

ace&jig's fall video lookbook is out. i wait for these along with rachel antonoff's video lookbooks. they're just so good.

milton glaser's studio.

oh goodness. check out the new arrivals at rennes!

speak about the future differently and you may think about the future differently. (via bf&s)

finally caved and started reading this book earlier this week. (don't judge.)

a talk with sally draper and matthew weiner.

looks like all of that time spent (desperately trying) to come up with witty, informative captions for twitter might pay off for some writers.

ceramic talk.

there are still a few things left in my moving sale, in case you're interested! 


new finds this week: veecaravan via @hernewtribe / bryr via ss&c / wolcott : takemoto / jacqueline klassen / Poplin / Eugene Choo / pine & boon / black crane / sloane & tate / seaworthy / takaragirlfriend ceramics – launching next week. see the progress here