Good Reads: 6 March 2015

Us homebodies over here are having an unusually social weekend. Well, kind of.

By that I mean I'm going for drinks with a girlfriend and we're having an old friend of D's stay at our flat. That's social for some stay-home-under-the-covers folks like us.

Otherwise, I've been working a lot on some great new projects and collaborations which I'll share more on in the coming months. All I'll say is that I feel so good about the people I'm working and collaborating with. I feel like I'm starting to get to a point I've been trying to get to for a while and it feels awesome.

Whether you're staying under the covers or conversing with other humans, here's to a great weekend for us all!

all linen everything. my yuppy "things to buy after we buy a house" wishlist grows hourly.

brb, bound for cat island.

binging on house of cards and can say with confidence that claire's outfits are better than ever this season. there was one black pant, black sweater, oxford shoe combo that about had me on the floor.

i definitely love my exclamation points, as i fear i'll sound like a jerk if i leave them off. 

considering buying a dry brush. thoughts?

"whatever comfort zone i had was pretty narrow, but this was definitely out of it." good ol' larry david on fish in the dark.

obsessed with these bachelor recaps.

dusen dusen home (plus aidy bryant!)

save the cider. 


new finds this week: BASH / bohem / Josi Faye SS15 / Lauren Winter (savannah!)

currently reading: "the first bad man" by miranda july. halfway through and i'm, very predictably, loving it. what are you reading?