Laurel Hill

Jewelry designer Laurel Hill came across my radar a few months back after I won these earrings in a giveaway hosted by The Shiny Squirrel. (Yesssssss.)

Laurel and I got to talking over email, as you do. We figured out that we were from the same state. Then, that we were from the same area. And then, that we went to the same high school but never knew each other. Crazy, right? How tiny is the internet, and how tiny is the world?

Laurel is a tried and true metalworker who designs out of a cute, Montana studio. All of her pieces are handmade and she has a sharp focus on sustainability which my little green, hippie heart just loves.

 Anyway, our gal Laurel just released her Ceremony Collection and I had to share with you guys – these pieces, like all of her pieces, are made to elevate a mood, or your daily jeans and tee, or button up and sneakers. Basically, to take your daily uniform and bring it to a new level. (Which is my favorite thing about jewelry – how quickly it changes your mood, and your outfit. But I digress).

Here's a look at Laurel's Ceremony Collection

Beautiful, right? I'll be adding these and this to my wishlist.

Which pieces do you like the most?