Good Reads: 27 March 2015

Guys, I'm in need of some serious inspiration. I was in a rut most of the week so I want to do something to get myself out of it. 

What's something attainable and affordable that I can do to help shake things up? I'm looking for quick and easy inspiration. Day trip? Museum visit? Paint my nails? Buy some new mags? All of the above? We'll see.

Either way, I hope you have a great weekend! I'm daydreaming about this time last year when we were in the tulip fields of Holland. If you ever get the chance, this is something you have to do. Tulip season only lasts mid-March through May so while the crowds are pretty unavoidable, it's definitely worth doing if you get the chance.

Oh – and thanks to everyone who shopped my move! The shop is almost sold out, but there are still a few good finds (including pieces from Madewell and Cynthia Steffe). So, If you see anything you'd like, just email me and we'll talk details. 

A few things to see before you head out for the weekend –

why you should change the way you speak to yourself. (via woodie)

because any human is too much human.

love me a good striped pouch

the price of shame.  (good for her!)

10 words every girl and woman should know. 

"migration involves loss. even when you’re privileged, as I am, and move of your own free will, as I did, you feel it." 

loving the comfy, sunday-ready stripes from the alas spring collection

the minimalist pixie dream girl. (via feifei)

what's so great about kimmy schmidt.

on brainstorming sessions.

cannot get enough of the new sufjan stevens. (and really enjoying a good, open sob to "fourth of july". those lyrics – are you kidding me?!)

ss15 collections that were released this week + require your time: elizabeth suzann + tradlands 


new finds this week: osei-duro / szeki / evens (SCAD grad!) / melissa sonico / Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics (via @jodielayne) / blackbird & the owl / kari breitigam (via almost makes perfect) / mr larkin / sandwich shop 

me elsewhere: on breaking up with a city / fieldtested / what's on my nightstand