Sleeper SS15

One of the great things about working from home is being able to wear whatever you want. While I'm a big advocate of getting ready every day (not to mention making that bed), it's a true luxury to be able to grab a pair of yoga pants, a snuggly cardigan, throw on some sneakers, and just do the damn thing.

Other freelancers prefer the pajama route, which is something I could be convinced to get behind. Especially – especially – if the PJs looked anything like the pieces from Sleeper's SS15 collection.

Based in Ukraine, Sleeper makes "walking sleepwear" – which is an idea that I love. Think of it as elevating the clothing that you wear to bed, or giving your daywear a chill pill. It's that special sweet spot somewhere between pajamas and real clothing.

Whatever it is, it's gorgeous. Here are a few favorite looks from their latest collection:

Oh, and by the way – these are so lovely that I don't think I could even bring myself to sleep in them.

Instead, I'd pair this top with these jeans and call it a day out – of the house, that is. A big deal for a work-at-home freelancer like myself.

What's your favorite piece?