Good Reads: 13 March 2015

Doesn't it feel like we've had a lot of Friday the 13ths lately?


Really looking forward to this weekend. I'm meeting an Instagram friend in real life, which is always fun, eating arepas, and going back to the Tate to catch an exhibit that's about to close.

We've also confirmed a trip to Barcelona next month since we'll (knock on wood) be leaving Europe for good in May. Would love to hear your Barcelona recommendations! I've been wanting to visit basically since I saw this, and am so glad we've been able to squeeze in a last-minute trip.

What are you guys up to this weekend?

air force one is amazing. (and some of the less-recognizable politicians look like characters in house of cards, don't they?)

in love with these dotted dishes.

the flip phone caucus.

this bathroom renovation!

which awesome lady should be the first woman on US currency? 

a reminder to drink (and eat) your greens.

just going to quickly grab this.

thank you for your killer book recommendations! i've decided to read "skin cleanse" next because i'm in the midst of an obsession with natural skincare

a visit from tech support.

my new favorite coffee drink.


new finds this week: wild poppy goods / recreation center / Confetti Riot / Shop ARO / Gemma Patford / RillRill / Chloe May Brown / Pippa Romanalumiere art & co (found via jojotastic)

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