Good Reads: 27 February 2015

Hi guys! We made it to the Tate earlier this week for a show I'd been wanting to see and it was A+. For some reason, I always put off going to museums – anyone else do this? – but after I go I'm always so glad that I did. The show was great, and the view wasn't so bad either. 

This weekend I'm working on a couple of projects, maybe cooking a Saturday night dinner (extremely rare), and just hanging out. What are you up to?

Some quick, Good Reads before you head out – 

what did i do before keegan-michael key and jordan peele?

a delish kale salad.

"i’m seduced by the elusive concept of “enough,” and I grapple with unshakeable suspicions that I have never achieved it." 

when animals escape.

will take everything from APIECE APART's resort 2015 collection. 

good news.

hoping a trip to lisbon might happen before we move from europe. would love to see some sunny streets like this one

the prom poem.

genius DIY for messy corners.

these t-shirts make me wish i had any connection whatsoever to the pacific northwest.


new finds: Samuji / ARC of LA / The Fired Vessel / Be Clean / The Primary Essentials

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Have a great weekend!