Shopping List: 16 Indie Beauty + Skincare Lines

When it comes to beauty, I go through phases. Sometimes I'm out to buy every product I can find. Other times, I just can't be bothered.

Blame it on the weather or my discovery of a few great skincare lines, but right now I am beauty obsessed. I want serums and activated charcoal and body butters and natural soaps and all the rest. 

Even worse (or better) is the fact that there are so many amazing indie skincare and beauty lines out there these days. My Pinterest wishlists kept getting larger– as does my independent designer directory. So, in an effort to stay organized I've put together a list of 16 indie beauty and skincare lines I'm "lusting" after (if you will) after as of late:

toner ($22) by s.w. basics

mandarin & berry soap ($9) by birch & goldberry

unicorn oil ($18) by soul sunday

mermaid sea salt hair spray ($24) by captain blankenship

eye repair serum ($56) by earth tu face

rosy lip tint ($14) by marble & milkweed

mascara ($12) by stowaway cosmetics

facial scrub ($13.20) by fig + yarrow

portable soap sticks ($9.35) by cleanse with benefits – genius!

fantastic face wash ($26) by ursa major 

jasmine body oil ($44) by herbivore botanicals

hair serum ($22) by town & anchor

woke up on wilson lipstick ($19) by alchemy cosmetics

nourish serum ($60) by benshen

magnolia eau de parfum ($108) by commodity

palo santo solid fragrance ($12) by under aurora


skin creamerygolden apothecaryla bella figura, wary meyers, and 90k more – some of which you can find here