Megan Huntz FW 2015

As previously mentioned in this post on the lovely Very Fine South, I am oozing with love for my home city of Atlanta right now. Mainly because it's oozing with incredible, quality, creative talent.

Aside from Very Fine South, there's of course The Bitter Southerner – which my, you better subscribe to right now if you haven't already – as well as shops like Henry & June, and people like Stephanie Duncan and Muriel Vega. And then there's Megan Huntz.

Megan Huntz who spent a decade living and working in Italy and Spain. Megan Huntz who approaches fashion design with the eye of an industrial designer, which makes for beautiful, interesting pieces. Megan Huntz who, along with the others, has convinced me that Atlanta is fashionable, and legitimately so. Something I swore years ago wasn't true.

For naysayers in the audience (if there are any), I suggest you take a peek at Megan's Fall/Winter 2015 collection. I plan on picking up, like, all of it as soon as I'm back and settled in the South land. 

If you're in New York this week and are lucky enough to be going to WOMAN, be sure to stop by and see homegirl (aka Megan). She'll be there through close on Tuesday.