Good Reads: 20 February 2015

What are you guys doing this weekend?

If I'm honest, we haven't been up to much lately. I know that's not what you're supposed to say on a blog, because they're supposed to be filled with weekend trips and cupcakes, but in reality we're just kind of waiting in the in-between limbo that only those who have lived by a visa can understand.

We might make a trip to the Tate tomorrow to see Marlene Dumas – I've been a fan of her work since my SCAD days – and will probably watch a couple of Oscar contenders. (Birdman for the win!) Otherwise, that's about it. Just laying low, seeing what comes our way.

Whatever you get up to, I hope you have fun!

can't wait to give this a read. 

sweet video

would love to wear this dress all summer long. (bonus: it's designed by sisters from the south!)

a very cool cause dedicated to celebrating all things local

me and my girls.

i've been thinking about buying these for literally months. should i just do it?

love this idea for a diy easel lamp.

remember when we went to berlin for thanksgiving? you can see some of our photos here.

this look tho.

LOVE this project.

hoping the new goodies i ordered from (new london line) finery come this weekend.

official: found a natural deoderant that works / doesn't irritate! now: to find a paraben free shampoo that makes my hair look and feel good...

(side note: is anyone watching the bachelor / do you want to talk about it?)

california tailor discount ends today!

new finds: Arc of a Diver Alchemy / Sol de Sur / camelotia