Good Reads: 13 February 2015

Let's talk about this weekend.

Are you a Valentine's Day fan, or do you hate it? Even though I'm (obviously) in a relationship, I really like the sentiment of Valentine's Day but I'm not an over-the-top type. Don't get me wrong – I accept gifts, chocolate, and flowers all day, every day – but it's more that we've just always gone with the flow when it comes to holidays and anniversaries. 

To celebrate in our laid back way, we're headed to one of my favorite restaurants in London for a special Valentine-versery dinner – because yep, this weekend also happens to be our three year wedding anniversary. (How old am I?) I'm also looking to catching up with this gal over dinner, and eating lots and lots of chocolate overall.

Have a good one – I hope you're up to something fun!

a reminder about valentine's day and the meaning of love

this is one of the best pieces on New York I've read. (thanks to Jess for the recommendation!)

"people have always been inherently curious, but the beauty of right now is that people are more willing to share than ever before." – Waiting for Saturday on OKREAL

the kinspiracy.

you guys – THIS HOUSE

agree: in workplaces around the world, women help more but benefit less from it.

this graphic novel has been on every single blog, and I love it.

reminder: 40% off california tailor's new collection

this, so much.

but the question is, do i love cats or donuts more?

valentine's day gift ideas for gals here and for dudes here

my longing for this suitcase, coupled with my daydreams of linen sheets and organic silk pillowcases, tell me that i'm old.

for new york ladies with a free saturday afternoon.

a quick note: Austin jewelry line Moulton hosted a holiday giveaway where entry requirements included sharing a story about a loved one who you were grateful for. the idea was that whoever had the best story would win the giveaway and their loved one would win some jewelry. however, jen of Moulton received so many heartfelt responses that she decided to give everyone who entered jewelry and a handwritten note. isn't that the nicest thing you've ever heard? that is why i believe so strongly in supporting small businesses

finds this week: strolby / finery / Meus / Alas