Good Reads: 18 December 2015

And suddenly, we're already on our way back to the U.K.

Where did December go? (But for real – where did it go?)

I'll be in London for the next two weeks seeing friends and family for the holiday, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. It's been almost six months since we moved back to the States but it feels like an entire lifetime ago.

It's funny how the second you move your old life seems completely out of reach, and when you think back to that life you once lived, it feels like watching a movie. But, I know that as soon as we're back in the city it'll all come whooshing back and that's something I'm looking forward to.

Though I'll be working on and off during the holidays, the main place I'll be on the internet is Instagram so let's plan to hang out there, shall we?

A few favorite links and additions to the Independent Designer Directory are below. And otherwise, here's wishing you and yours a very happy holiday indeed.

love knit wit and the very idea of cool, modern lady crafting, and equally love this piece they recently contributed to clementine daily.

a fascinating piece about the role twitter played in this woman's life.

if you're in north carolina, might i recommend you pay a visit to my friend ana maria's beautiful new store

currently dreaming of these.

would love to discuss this in greater depth, but in the beginning of gloria steinem's "my life on the road" (which i'm currently reading) she makes a fascinating comparison to our love for media of all kinds to our natural longing to escape. as in, maybe as humans we're not supposed to "settle down" at all and we're fighting some deep rooted natural inclination when we do, which is why we so often turn to media to escape, even on a micro level. mind blown, right? but let's come back to this later – there's much more to be said.

more on name changing.

feeling a lot of love for this incredible group for young girls, which i learned about thanks to episode 5 of this podcast.


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