Currently: November 2015

I don't know about you guys, but the holidays are already kind of busting my buns. We're heading to London on the 19th and will be there through the new year, which means that I have about two and a half weeks to make all of the things happen. 

No matter, everything will get done. Over the last few months, we've been all over North Carolina, to South Carolina, to Atlanta, and are headed for New York this weekend before we go to London. I love travelling and hate sitting still, so at this point it's just finding ways to fit in everything else around it. For now, my plans include writing holiday cards on the plane, and making a daily and weekly schedule on a piece of poster board, elementary school-style, to make sure everything is in place. I'd be nowhere without nerdy, organizational, multi-tasking tricks like these.

Otherwise, November was a good month for me – I turned 30, and feel like I found my footing after a few months of feeling lost and frankly, a little panicked. I haven't talked about it much here only because I'm assuming you guys can hear about my anxiety related to moving only so many times, but our first few months back in the States were hard. Way harder than I expected, which was surprising. October was a tough month for me, and I struggled with panic attacks.

In the words of Nancy Donovan, it was wicked hahd. But now, I'm on the other side of the tunnel. 

This month will be busy but much better. I feel really solid on my feet and am excited about some new things that will happen in the new year. More to come there.

To catch you up, here are a few quick snaps as well as some thoughts on what I've been up to, currently:

practicing yoga in a studio more often. i'm a big fan of this app for what i like to think of as yoga touch ups, or everyday maintenance, because it provides perfect 15-30 minutes of do-at-home-yoga. still, nothing beats going to an actual class, and i'm lucky that this very talented and generally badass gal is a teacher at my local studio.

he's my husband and all so (obviously) i'm going to say good things, but i've been really, really enjoying this guy's photos of our time and travels around the states lately.

eating the heck out of carob spirulina bites, which i discovered thanks to an impulse buy at my local co-op. i really and truly can't stop eating these guys.  you can find something similar here, though i'd recommend buying the $3-4 version before you commit to a large order. 

drooling over everything by pippa romana, per usual. carla recently sent me the everyday top in gorgeous indigo and i haven't really quite taken it off.

feeling all the feels after a thanksgiving that felt relaxing and not at all rushed. best holiday? best holiday.

meeting internet friends 'IRL', which is one of my favorite things. i spent a recent sunday boozing it up with some lovely ladies for the bright blog bash, ate the kind of delicious treats and snacks that only food bloggers can make, and rubbed elbows with some of the nicest gals around. thanks again, katie + susannah, for throwing one heck of a gorgeous shindig.

wearing the nonstop fall uniform of levi's 501s and a grey sweatshirt. mine is hanes, but i could do with this one as well.

kind of enjoying being 30 so far. i didn't expect to feel different, but i just feel a lot more solid these days. it's awesome.

continuing my longheld relationship with dr. bronner's, thanks to a recently completed bulk order of bar soap in peppermint – it's such a clean scent and a perfect little bar. my go-to for everyday use (meaning every single day).

loving the work of stationery designer (and my new pen pal) kate of of note stationers. take it from someone who knows – these cards are classy, not to mention all completely handmade. minimal holiday greetings, anyone?

becoming a full-on aromatherapy addict after i worked on this guide for clementine daily. favorite picks? vitruvi, happy spritz, little barn, woodlot.

also loving this lotion, which smells so, so good – and helps to save our poor bee population.

thanking my lucky stars for incredible friends like bobbie, queen of happy mail, who sent me the most wonderful birthday card package complete with tons of awesome beauty samples...

and lindsay ryden, my pal and an insanely talented fine artist and illustrator, who sent me a package of her gorgeous holiday cards. email her for commissions!

watching/loving master of none, reading/loving the clasp, and flipping through/loving the gorgeous plotted.

and finally, listening to this podcast nonstop (and i'm sure you are, too). in other podcast news, alec baldwin's 2014 interview with ira glass is golden if you haven't heard it.


Thanks for reading, gang! What are you watching/eating/loving/using, currently? I'd love, love, love to hear about your latest random obsessions. Hit me up!