FARIS Jewelry

There's something about jewelry that I just find interesting. As someone formally trained in clothing design, I find the limitations that jewelry designers have to work with fascinating – in a way, a jewelry designer has a lot of freedom and is able to work with a variety of materials and experiement with the relation a piece will have to its owner. But in another way, there are a lot of restrictions placed on jewelry – size has to be considered as does wearability. Ultimately it has to sit and stay on the body in a way that clothing doesn't.

I love how jewelry can feel so individual, so personal, and at the same time jewelry is just a tiny little piece of wearable sculpture that goes with you everywhere throughout your day.

It's pretty cool.

FARIS, a line I recently found via LISA SAYS GAH, certainly fits that bill. Everything about the line feels like modern art. I love how versatile, refined, and modern it feels, and yet the price points are overall still affordable.

A few favorite pieces are below. Don't you love them?

FARIS Jewelry | Second Floor Flat