Good Reads: 30 October 2015

Rather than getting drunk and dressing up as a cat, impersonating Lucille Ball, or eating sugar and scaring myself with old movies to the point of throwing up (all tales of Halloween past), this weekend we're celebrating by leaving town and heading to the mountains. But in the spirit of the holiday, I booked us to stay at a small farm house in the middle of the countryside on Halloween night. Just to keep things interesting, and because in planning the weekend I didn't think about the fact that I was basically writing a horror movie. 

Speaking of interesting, next week is my birthday. 30th, that is. I'm not sure how I feel about it – it didn't bother me in the slightest leading up to it, and I'd like to say that it still doesn't, but it does feel kind of weird. Like, how am I 30? But at the same time, all of my friends are over 30 already so it feels a little dramatic to even go on about it. Just having some thoughts is all.

I hope you're up to something fun and festive than includes either shacking up with strangers in the middle of nowhere or getting drunk and drawing on your face. What I'm trying to say is happy Halloween and weekend in general! Hope you have a good one and in the meantime, check out some of these very good reads before you go – 

one of my favorite things about the cold-weather season.

zadie smith's rules of writing.

looming birthday in mind, this book feels appropriate.

i know we're all sick of this at this point (actually though, i'm not) but i could watch drake dancing to the rugrats theme all day long.

nyc gals – come hang out with dear kate in a few weeks! were i going to be in ny, i would definitely be there.

cienne's fall/winter collection looks gorgeous and, even better, warm and snuggly.

love this bed stuy loft.

what are you reading? i've just finished my mindy kaling-athon and have moved on to this gem

love the idea of this brilliant and beautiful new site.

all hail jesse kamm.

brilliant women, brilliant interviews: jenny slate on rookie, carrie brownstein on fresh air

hudson + daughter asked me a few questions over on her blog. thanks for having me, rebecca!


new additions to the independent designer directory + favorite independent finds of the week:

laura slater / hechizo / kindred black (via the american edit) / mquan / modernhaus / k studio / toit volant (via lisa says gah)  / marigot collection / loela