Shopping List: Cozy Home Goods

If Instagram is any sort of barometer for general public opinion, then I would say we all are having a lot of feelings right now about the cold weather season. 

As much as I enjoy these seasons for the things they bring – my birthday, for one, family gatherings – I also appreciate them for opportunities they afford me – mainly to the fully embrace my homebody tendencies and wear fleece around the house and to yoga and back, if nothing else.

Needless to say, I'm a sucker for cozy home goods. Seeing as though we got rid of most of our home decor on our move this summer, I'm on the hunt for a restock of all things warm and cozy. Here are a few recent favorites, all from San Francisco-based Huckberry:

5" planter ($39.98)

indoek venice issue ($8.98)

no 1. nourishing balm ($24.98)

the kinfolk home ($29.98)

cube light ($19.98)

westray crew ($127.98)

leucadia candle ($39.98)

gettysburg blanket ($114.98)

weekender stripe pillow case ($99.98)

the betty ($139.98)

cumberland hat ($109.98)

cloth drip coffee pot ($44.98)

neighborhood pant ($59.98)

felt mill scruff slipper ($34.98)

tencel sheet set ($114.98)

feuerhand lantern ($54.98)

Any must haves you turn to for the cold-weather season? Fleece, cozy blankets, hot coffee, natural light alarm clocks (I'm thinking of getting one!)? Would love to hear!


I received product from Huckberry in relation to this post, though note this is a business I believe in. It almost makes me wish that I was a dude, though not quite. Thank you for supporting the businesses that support Second Floor Flat. Have questions? Let me know!