Good Reads: 15 October 2015

This weekend has been specifically reserved for fall activities of all sorts – pumpkin patches, state fairs, and seasonal beer-drinking during weekend morning viewings of the rugby world cup.  Not my typical cup of tea, but there's a pub in Raleigh that shows all of the rugby world cup games and for the past few weeks we've been making our way over to hang out for a couple of hours with 30 or so other South African expats. It's awesome and uniting in a way that makes me so glad that I was once an expat, and married an expat, so I could know what the community is like. 

Otherwise, I'm beginning to get obsessive about holiday planning in a great way. I'm heading to Atlanta for Thanksgiving (let's meet up!) and then...drumroll please...London for the holidays and New Year's. Because you can't teach an old dog new tricks about not obsessively buying international plane tickets, and because we have family (and dear friends) in London who we're very excited to see.

That's what we're up to. And you? 

don't mind me, i'm just parading around in my new american-made cape from lovely cocoon. it's warm and comfy and perfect for in-between weather.

so, so much good reading this week. in case you missed it, jennifer lawrence talked wage inequality on lenny, miranda july interviewed rihanna, and an nyt mag profile on nikki minaj was far more interesting than i expected.

and speaking of that jennifer lawrence piece, there's also this grain of genius.

oh ace & jig – you slay me.

realized that i've been seeing leslie williamson's work all over the place, but only now have i learned her name. in love with her bay area home, and pining for one of her books for my bedside.

this new magazine looks lovely.

i've been faced with some pretty crushing anxiety lately of the post-move, post-life change sort, and it's been causing me to question myself, my talent, and my career. needess to say, i needed this this week. and this.

there are still a few more ring lariat necklaces available if you're interested!

hold the phone – rebecca atwood released a collection of wallpaper this week. the marble cloud is breathtaking.


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