Good Reads: 2 October 2015

Well, we've got lots and lots (and lots) of rain and wind headed our way this weekend thanks to a certain hurriance that's currently dancing around the Atlantic. Welcome back to the East Coast, you know?

The curmudgeonly old man in me thinks the weather people work in cohoots with retailers – give people a scare and get them to buy a little more. But the other side of me looks outside and sees buckets of rain falling from the sky so, you know.

In other news, it's October! I'm so looking forward to a proper fall season full of mountain visiting, apple picking, fall foliage, and (duh) state fairs – once everything dries out, mind you. Any recommendations are appreciated!

Depending on the weather, we're planning to watch the Rugby World Cup, maybe visit Charlotte, and maybe try acupuncture. In reality, I'll probably be stuck on the couch binge watching The Mindy Project, which I just started this week and am currently so obsessed with. And you uknow what? That would be just fine.

Have a good one, guys!

thanks for all of your support for monday monday! head here to check it out, and grab a nice 10% off with LAUNCHOFF10.

how to write a memoir, from a woman who knows.

received the most amazing piece in the mail this week from fellow north carolinians, appalatch. more coming from these guys soon!

incredible MS paint illustrations.

my heart breaks for oregon. yet again, this rings painfully true.

i'd like all of my furniture going forward to come from here, please. 

and speaking of furniture – 5 new upstart furniture companies. look out, future home.

love me some ellen page.

remember this post? i caved and bought that jesse kamm sailor pant that's everywhere right now and i'm in love with them. this is the most expensive clothing item i've ever purchased and it was a purchase worth every penny. moral of the story: buy less, but buy what you want.

aminatou sow was on a few things this week to discuss the "girls vs. women" debate – when it's ok and not ok to say "girls" and "women" and "you guys".  great convo overall, but a moment i loved was this: "...'girls' is a cheeky nod to solidarity...we know we're women". listen to episode 19  here.

moving, powerful, grounding.


favorite indie designer/retailer finds of the week + additions to the directory:

res ipsa / the drive new york / trollhagen & co. / datura (via joanna) / brother vellies / elizabeth benottithe ardorist (via flora + form)

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