Good Reads: 9 January 2015

It's been quite a week, guys. A heck of a week – both for me personally, and for all of us in media and journalism, and all of us in general, really. As I type this more stuff is going on in Paris and it's making me so anxious. Anyone else?

On the personal front I have a few things to share on Monday. Don't worry – everything's fine and not crazy. I'll share more next week but for now let's talk about fun things – 

Like Durham and its abundance of amazing local businesses. This city is super supportive of local makers of all kinds and I can't wait to share them with you guys – like two of my favorite ceramic designers, Suite One Studio and Line Line Co., who are both based in the Triangle area. How great is that?

At the top of my list for retail visits is Raleigh Denim WorkshopGather, and Vert & Vogue – three brands who I've cyber stalked for a while. 

Whether you're stalking local businesses, traveling, or snuggling this weekend, I hope you have a good one and I'll see ya Monday!

dream come true.

watched this movie while babysitting for my niece this week. anyone else see it?

love these colorful combs. made by a sweet gal in mississippi.

this tea is my new everything.

cost of being an expat – and trust, this is just the tip-top of the iceberg.

how to change a bad habit.

the annoying person in north carolina playing this on repeat is me.

finished "wild" and the last sentences gave me goosebumps. what are you reading?

congrats to brooklyn fork & spoon on launching their catering biz!

this bag.

finds this week: study ny / esby apparel / paloma wool


me, elsewhere:

copywriting with design in mind 

9 indie makers

last-minute gifts and holiday wrapping (pre-holiday, of course)