Good Reads: 30 January 2015

As I spoke about on Instagram yesterday, there is a lot going on right now.

It's all good stuff - all exciting stuff – it's just a lot of stuff. I'm coming off of last week in Salt Lake City at Alt and tonight am London-bound on my second overnight flight of the week. I'm still kind of playing catch up after being gone for a few days but I've been trying not to push it too much and instead have been enjoying this week with my family in North Carolina.

I can't wait to get back to London tomorrow – Saturday, that is – because that means we're one step closer to being in NC for good. Just a few more months we should be able to buy that used Civic and spend our weekends outdoors. Dream big, guys. Dream big.

Anyway, what are you up to this weekend? Would love to hear if you wouldn't mind sharing!

the truth about long distance relationships, from someone (else) who knows. 

loving this sweet little soap dish!

thinking it's time to update my everyday pants. these guys should do the trick.

a free, quality photo resource.

had this documentary recommended to me and now I want to see it. speaking of culture stuff – anyone reading the new miranda july?

ready for spring.

warming my heart in so many ways.

nc in the news. 

this giveaway ends tonight!

finds this week: A Mano / Sleeper / Clyde (and, as always more here)


me elsewhere: 

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Have a great weekend!