Good Reads: 16 January 2015

Really, really appreciate you lovely folks and all of your support after my announcement on Monday that I'm going to be (temporarily) returning to London.

My little online community means a lot and truly makes this whole nightmare of a process easier.

In other news, I'm headed for Alt Summit next week with DesignGood! I'm so excited about Alt and have no idea what to expect from Salt Lake City. Anyone know, like, anything about it?

Good Reads + a few new favorite indie designer finds below.

Have a great weekend, guys!

dream hangers from a very lovely little shop.

ellen degeneres is the absolute best. 

starting this over the weekend. (in an epsom salt bath, natch.)

after seeing "wild" i can't stop listening to this song. (and speaking of, this piece on the use of music in the movie. found via devan boyle.)


"I’m worse than the Hobby Lobby verdict dancing with Vladimir Putin on Elaine Stritch’s grave while the Vietnam War plays 'All About That Bass' on the didgeridoo"

hell of a photo gallery.

on my list to visit when i'm settled in durham in a few months and am no longer spending money on international moving stuff: this.

car-free cities are great news, though currently my city-weary heart can't wait to get her hands on a honda civic, or the like.

a great life lesson (that reminds me of "treat yourself like a toddler" – basically my life motto).

this is what they see.

finds this week: Shape Shape Shape Shape / Okru / KAAREM / NO.