Shopping List: Fall Wants

Between visa costs (we've gone through two visa processes this year, plus one citizenship) and the fact that we're slowly – oh so slowly – starting to save to buy our first home, it seems that all of my money lately is going towards very adult, need-based purchases rather than want-based items. (With the exception of travel, of course.)

If I'm honest, I've barely bought anything this year in the shoe or clothing department. This is partly due to my desire to minimize the number of items in my wardrobe, but also because I've made the decision to be as smart with my money as possible until some of these external costs come down.

But oh, do I want to buy things. So many things. Four Pin boards worth of things, actually. In the meantime, I'll be admiring from afar – particularly with these 16 oh-so-lovely items for fall:

mamuye leather tote by FashionABLE ($178)

sunburst skirt in stripe by J.Crew ($118)

marled wool ankle socks by Madewell ($10.50)

berlin lounge pants by Atelier Delphine via Of A Kind ($138)

folkestone boot by Gorman ($329 AUD)

handmade mugs by Haand ($23.50)

basic sweat in navy by rennes ($96)

brass bent crest earrings by Connected Goods ($120)

wood kimono overcoat by Just Female via Need Supply Co. ($190)

tortoise sunglasses via Mollusk Surf Shop

bandana sashiko by kiriko ($68)

rosemary & salt lotion by Earth Tu Face via beklina ($40)

floral trapeze dress by Band of Outsiders via La Garconne ($495)

natural wool slipper by Armor Lux via Westerlind ($85)

nude contrast chiffon blouse via SheInside ($23)

swiss cross sling bag by Zana ($32)