Dealing With Change

There are a million cliche things you could say about change. 

You could say that it's necessary in life. You could say that without change you have no growth, that it's hard but ultimately rewarding, etc.

But when confronted with real change – whether it's small or something that will cause a big disruption in your everyday life – change can be extraordinarily difficult, and something that's a lot easier said than done.

I've often found that deciding that you want to make a change is the hardest part. It requires addressing feelings and emotions and then deciding to actively do something about those feelings. And whether you're aware of it or not, a good amount of strength and bravery is needed to even decide to make a change in life. And all of that's before you actually do anything.

Once I've decided that I want to make a change the worst part is generally over with. From there, it just comes down to making plans and putting those plans into action – something I like doing. That doesn't mean the process of change is over, but at least for me, the worst part is over.

Though I embrace change in my own life, I'm also the type of person who wants it done as soon as it starts. While I enjoy the planning and 'making it happen' aspect, I'm easily frustrated by delays or challenges that might interfere with the process. It's like making the decision was hard enough, so once it's done with and decided on, I want the change over, and pretty quickly at that.

Perhaps needless to say, that's usually out of my control and I know that. It's something I'm working on improving, one panic attack at a time. Rolling with the punches, taking one day at a time, accepting a relative loss of control. Letting one door close, allowing another to open. 

Several friends of mine have gone through life-altering changes in the past few months: moves, break-ups, leaving jobs, starting companies. New cities, new towns, new lives. All of them have struggled at points – they'd be inhuman not to – but I'm impressed with how each of them have handled these changes. 

You can go through your life avoiding change, but in that you're also avoiding living. Experience comes from change, happiness can come from change, and of course growth in all its cliched glory comes from change.

Maybe the real point here is that change happens to all of us it at some point, whether we want it to or not. It's learning to accept the change, deal with it fully and with our best selves, and welcome the experience and growth that comes with open arms. (Or at least with fewer panic attacks.)


When have you had to deal with change in your life, and what was the hardest part? Anything surprise you about the experience? Let's chat! I'd love to hear about your experience.