Sunday Objects | 9

I know, I know – today's Sunday Objects is a little late.

I finished up my first Alt Summit last night and gave myself some good time away from the computer after three days of (amazing, inspiring) online classes. So, we spent the morning doing our usual: Walking through the park with coffee and croissants, taking about a million photos each of dogs, old buildings, and cool lighting. It was perfect, and now I'm ok with getting back online.

So guys, without further ado, here are a few of the everyday objects inspiring me this week:

  • bird etching: There is an old man in Islington who has a tiny store filled with animal prints and etchings. We picked up this one of an African Reef Eater a couple years ago, and it's been waiting for its final resting home ever since. I treasure it.
  • petra borner notecards: Bought these incredible notecards by illustrator Petra Borner from the incredible Search & Rescue, so now I'm looking for excuses to write notes
  • moss green sunglasses: I've had these everday sunglasses for years but they never disappoint. We've had a few days of warmer weather in London, so I'm using these puppies as much as I can before they're packed away for the season.
  • hot pink ringBy Kate Spade Saturday. Got these multi-color pack of these rings last year and I wear them all the time, sometimes pairing a colored ring with my wedding band because, you know, why not.
  • grey notebook: If you hadn't noticed, I really love stationery. Was so happy to receive my brand new notebook from Chroma Stationery earlier this week. And – extra bonus – it's already filled with extra good notes from Alt. Success!

Hope you're having a great Sunday!