Sunday Objects | 6

The objects I'm extra thankful for this week include gifts from old friends, treats from a recent Saturday excursion, and a few treat yo'self finds:

  • A new-to-us vintage Canon AE1 35mm from the late 1970s that's we have to thank for many photos (and many more meltdowns related to film, developing black and white, losing rolls, etc.)
  • A postcard picked up at the beautiful, inspiring Dennis Hopper exhibit at London's Royal Academy of Art
  • New washi tape for DIY stationery projects
  • Nameplate bracelet given to me from a sweet friend on my birthday a few years back 
  • A treat yo'self candle Rosemary & Thyme candle from The Spitalfields Candle Co
  • Vintage Falcon Enamelware mug that dates back to WWI, given to me by D for a birthday. I'm obsessed with enamelware, he's obsessed with the war, so it all works out.

Have a wonderful Sunday!