Good Reads | 12 September 2014

Oh guys. What are y'all up to this weekend? We're thinking of heading over to the Barbican. It's a museum/conference center/creative space in London that's surrounded by some really amazing architecture – it's hard to explain, really, so best to just wait for the photos.

Otherwise, I suggested to D that we watch a documentary and make worksheets for each other so that we could fill them out and discuss our thoughts afterwards, but he wasn't into it. Alas.

Whatever you're up to, I hope you have a great weekend!

Slim Aarons. Endlessly Slim Aarons.

The perfect game to plan while waiting for a table at a restaurant. (Love this post.)

dog's view.

Per usual, I'm obsessing over KULE's new FW14 collection. (More on this later.)

Life lessons from Andre3000.

A perfect weekday bag. (I feel more organized just looking at it.)

Excellent advice on how to not get overwhelmed.

Illustrator Naomi Elliott just redesigned her site, and the result is gorgeous.

A lovely little everyday necklace.

Why we should get rid of job titles

More collection obsession: Apiece Apart's SS15 collection

This Chicago loft  is, I mean, PERFECT.

Cambridge classicist, hero for women, whitty Twitterer: Meet Mary Beard.

And one more point for the ladies: These dolls are made to represent real-life female role models. Amazing. Plus the name just kills me.