Sunday Objects | 8

I won't lie. Today's entire Sunday Objects revolved around figuring out how I could include the new issue of The Gentlewoman, because I love the color, the typeface, and their overall branding.

Still, this Sunday Objects isn't a total farce. Everything in this photo really is special to me in one way or another – whether it's a handmade gift from a family member or a book that meant something real to me.

Be sure to take the time today to look at the everyday objects that surround you and think about what they mean to you. And by all means share them with me on Twitter or Instagram – just be sure to use #SundayObjects and tag me in your posts.

Have a relaxing day!

the gentlewoman: Issue 10, which I started and finished this week. Favorites were the profiles on Vanessa Grigoriadis and Marlene Dumas

little brown notebook: From Muji, for helping me keep things in check

maya magal circle stud earrings: That I haven't taken off this week. Purchased from the wonderful Formula and already shown off here.

"agaat" by marlene van niekerk: My wonderful, best friend of a book that I recently finished. It was given to me by my mother, and I can't wait to pass it along to others. (I'm looking at you, Bridget.)

beaded charm bracelet: Made by my mother-in-law, worn by me often

wide-brim black hat: This hat has been hiding out in my closet since the early New York days (aka a long time ago) and I've recently given it a new life. This exact style is long gone, but you can find similar hats herehere, or here.