Shopping List: 9 Items For The Home

Over the past 10 years, I've lived in 7 apartments in 3 cities and 2 countries, and let me tell you – all of this moving around really forces you to assess the items that you have in your home.

Earlier this year I began a quest for a more minimalistic life and am now left with much fewer items in my home and in my closet than I started out with. I'm proud to say that everything that remains is something important or special to me in some way. Don't get me wrong – I still like buying and collecting things for my home and haven't stopped that, but I want every single item in my home to tell a story, whether it's something I picked up on my travels, or something I discovered online from an amazing maker with an interesting story and talent to boot.

This desire to support talented artisans, designers, and makers is one of the reasons I started my shop. And this week, I've paired up with to present some of my absolute favorite home items. As an extra special perk, is offering free shipping on my entire "For The Home" collection through Tuesday, September 23rd. Cool right?

Here are 9 of my favorite home items: 

tribal inspired print in black by toni point ($38)

natural leather tray by natalie davis ($42)

petite wood bud vase by melanie abrantes ($50)

eclipse vessel in charcoal by takeawei studio ($45)

wood tillandsia planter by c.c. boyce ($35)

handmade suede leather bowls by kathleen turner ($20)

serving bowl by keith kreeger ($68

leather + copper air plant holder by kathleen turner ($35)

handmade cotton napkins by alisa curiel ($12)


After you're done here, don't forget to head over to to check out my entire "For The Home" collection. Mention my name and they'll give you a free lollipop – not really, but definitely free shipping. 

Happy shopping, folks!