3 Places To Eat In Paris

A few weeks back, I shared some photos from our recent weekend in Paris

Though we were only there for a long weekend, we packed in a lot (LOT). We saw all of the main touristy bits that everyone knows, and also explored and ate at some lesser known places that I now firmly call favorites.

If you're heading over to gay Paris anytime soon, be sure to check out a few of these:


Meert is a well-known Parisian bakery that has a few locations sprinkled around the city. Luckily, one of those locations was right down the street from our AirBnB in Le Marais. Their vanilla waffles were recommended to me when I visited last year so naturally we stopped by...twice. Do yourself a favor and try these vanilla waffles if you ever get the chance to – they are seriously incredible. (My apologies for the lack of actual waffle photo. There was just no way I could wait long enough to take a photo before eating.)



L'As du Fallafel in Le Marais makes the perfect takeaway fallafels. We spent our last night in Paris just walking through the city and ended up grabbing these for a late dinner on the way home. The line is long, but trust me when I say that it's worth the wait. This shit is good. (Also no photo of actual fallafel: see reason above re: photo taking too long.)



Le Comptoir General might be my favorite place in Paris. This bar/gallery/second hand shop/music space/restaurant describes itself as a "ghetto museum" that celebrates the creativity that springs up from marginalized places around the world. Le Comptoir General is actually located at the back of a (not scary) alley, so if you visit and find yourself walking down a path that feels wrong, just keep going and soon you'll see this:

Photo by D Watterson III

One more tip: Cafe du Flore in St. Germain is definitely a touristy spot (and the prices prove it), but if you're nearby I'd suggest you stop by for a coffee. We spent a late Sunday morning sipping coffee and eating chocolate eclairs and it was magical.

Until next time, Paris!