Sunday Objects | 7

When it comes to personal style, I waiver between ultra minimalist and pattern junky in wild and crazy ways.

I admire and strive for the cool, understated qualities of classic minimalism and, like every other girl, could easily live my life in an under-decorated Parisian apartment with a simple bathroom, simple boy haircut, and simple sunglasses a la Breathless (sorry, I watched it last night).

But the other side of me wants to freak out and cover everything in bright pinks and cobalt blues and tribal patterns and textiles. Also with some added stripes and gingham, for good measure.

I'm forever trying to combine the two, and lately have been really inspired by magazines like Golly and the new issue of The Gentlewoman and things like this pouch and this dress. My point here is that all of this played a part in today's Sunday Objects, which features some important patterns and pieces that have caught my eye this week: 

  • Ladybird Books: One for me (US), one for my husband (Africa). I didn't grow up reading these books, but D did. Spotted them at a Broadway Market stall and bought them after we got over the cool factor that the only countries they had were our home countries. Now they sit front and center in our living room. (Spoiler alert: The actual text is from the 50s and super outdated and kind of uncomfortable to read. But they look nice if you don't open them!)
  • Dudes in frame: I wish I could tell you where this image was from, but all I know is that I cut it out of a magazine at the age of 18 and have brought it with me from Atlanta to New York to London. The frame is second hand, and was used to hold a table number at my sister's wedding a few years ago, so while both pieces are unrelated they are both extra special to me in completely different ways.
  • Shell: Picked up on a wonderful family weekend in Wilmington Beach, NC a few years ago. Can't wait until we can make that trip every weekend.
  • Geometric necklace: Bought this pup at a thrift store in Greenpoint for under $10 and have been wearing it ever since. It's gotten a lot of wear lately, and I just love it.

Have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday!