Good Reads | 15 August 2014

Hi there, and welcome to Friday! 

We're headed to Paris next weekend and I...can't...wait. That means that this weekend will be filled with Paris planning and pre-gaming by watching what I can safely call one of my favorite movies. What are you guys up to?

The image above, which is from a series of family photos shown to me by my dad. Niagra Falls, 1960.

A New Yorker returns home. 

This gorgeous new single from my favorite London-based Americanah duo.

These gorgeous woven wall hangings

This old jam that's one of my new favorites. #Rumours

This dress

This article about Robin Williams and 'Aladdin' role he almost didn't play. 

This incredible interview with Grace Bonney

My new dream home, found in Barcelona.

The perfect giveaway for designers, artists, creators and entrepreneurs.

This vanilla salt water taffy made by two cute Brooklyn pals? BRB, just died.

This perfect t-shirt

This post on A Brief History Of An Incredible Woman. The woman in question is Elizabeth (Patton) Crockett, who's actually in my family lineage. Thanks again for the inclusion, GGG!