Good Reads

Oh, happy weekend

We'll mainly be gearing up to head a very good friend's wedding next weekend in Devon! The wedding will (hopefully) be outdoor with the sheep, but if the weather misbehaves it will be inside a lovely, very old castle-ish building. Plenty but plenty of photos will be posted on Instagram.

In addition to making a recipe Ashley sent me for nutella milk, I'm also aiming to make guacamole for the World Cup final on Sunday which I am super duper pumped about. Again, this is totally out of character. Have a great one, ya'll!

Perhaps the most incredible story I've ever heard. Can't wait to get the book!

Would really like to try this salad, though I know it would be so much better if Sprout & Pea made it.

Men's-style shirting for women. 

Exaggerated soccer injuries in real life. 

The Imagined Desks of Historical Women – a super-awesome desk calendar by Dear Hancock and available at Amelia Presents

"Organic Moonshine Roots Music" from Valerie June. I'm super in. 

Love this gorgeous home

And speaking of homes, this kitchen is my jam