Shopping List: 5 Natural Beauty Products

My interest in using natural beauty products has definitely increased over the past few months.

Whether it's for health reasons, my desire to support companies who are doing good things and putting fewer chemicals into the environment, or just a want to use products with yummy, fat-kid ingredients like honey coconut, I've begun to explore different, more natural products to replace the go-tos that I've been using for years.

Here are a few of my new must-haves: 

Raw Honey  – be sure to buy this locally!

Raw Honey – be sure to buy this locally!

One thing I'm still missing: shampoo! I'd like to try a nice, relatively natural shampoo that will enhance shine. Recommendations, anyone?

And if you're thinking of taking a second look at your beauty products, you have to use GoodGuide – it's an amazing organization with a site and app that allows you to check the social, environmental, and health ratings of companies and products. Best idea, right?