Things To See In London

London summers are really hit or miss. 

Near the start of this year's summer we had two straight weeks of chilly, driving rain. Luckily, that's passed and we've reached some pretty warm temperatures. Needless to say, I'm taking advantage of it like woah

Between strolling around our local parks (London's are the best), discovering back streets, and going to cool things like steam fairs, we've been out and about as much we can.

Here are some of the things we've seen lately in London, with about half the photos coming from Derrick and half coming from me: 

Parks and green space cover 40% of London, so needless to say we've spent a lot of time strolling through our local parks, ice cream in hand, enjoying the sights. 

One of my favorite things about living in London is taking shortcuts and discovering hidden streets, alleys, and mews

A steam fair came to our neighborhood and it was the best thing ever! We enjoyed the sights and sounds of old carnival organ music, rode exactly zero rides, and ate plenty of candy floss (aka cotton candy for you Americans).

Want to shop my outfit? Well you can't, because this dress is like three years old. But! This embroidered dress is similar, and so is this fancy ruffle Bardot dress. And you can always buy these white Birkenstocks. All the cool kids are actually doing it.

Speaking of me, I got my hair to look curly! Thanks to this little Aveda miracle worker which cost me more than I like to spend on hair products, and which I immediately dropped on the floor and had to scrape back into the case thing. Alas, my hair is curly!

We also ate ice cream.

And I took Instagram photos of our balcony garden while Derrick did stuff to it.

Bon summer!