Shopping List: How To Master French Girl Style

French girls, eigh?

Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, you probably still want to dress like them.

For some reason, it's difficult for us American and English girls. Based on what I know about myself and what I've seen women wearing on both sides of the pond, we tend to overcomplicate and overthink things rather than focusing on the classic, the quality, and the simple. 

It's all so cliché but it's true. To master French girl style or just great style in general, you have to simplify – something I learn more and more as I go through my minimalist challenge. Some of the most stylish women I've known in my 28 years have been the ones that dress the simplest: they find a color and a combination that works for them, and the wear it day in and day out like a uniform. It's liberating for one, not to mention that it looks great.

In honor of the simplification of dressing and living, I put together a guide to dressing like the French: simply. Here's a little round-up of some of my favorite pieces, all adapted from a piece I recently wrote for Teen Vogue.