Shopping List: Baby Stuff

Until recently, I was never that interested in kids.

In fact, until the first time I lived in New York as an intern, I didn't want to have children...ever. It wasn't until I saw all of the cool New York parents in their natural habitat that I realized how cool mother/parenthood could be. (Not that my own parents aren't amazingly awesome, but as we all know you never fully appreciate the coolness of your parents until you're older.)

And now, my sister is expecting a young bebe. It's the first in the family since, well, me, so it's a pretty exciting time and I've loved being introduced me to a whooole new world of blogs and shops, and designers.

With that in mind, I'm starting a new column called Shopping List where I'll feature various products of commercial value each week that I'm more or less lusting after. This week's theme of choice: baby stuff. 

Can you imagine? A whole new world to shop that I previously knew nothing about. It's like a dream come true. (Also, I get a niece which is the bigger bonus, obvs.)

Here are the 10 products on my Shopping List, baby stuff edition:



I'm having the best time discovering all of these new children's stores and designers, and am currently obsessed with Darling Clementine, Scout & Co, Mini Rodini, and tinycottons.

If you have any favorite children's brands or shops, please share 'em in the comments or send me a message – I'd love to know!