Maria Black x Avenue32

I'm not always the biggest "event" person. Let's face it – not only do I consider myself a total introvert, but I also just really like to sit inside and be warm. #late20s, am I right?

But a few weeks back I was invited to an event with London e-trailer extraordinaire Avenue32 and jewelry designer Maria Black and just couldn't say no. 

I made it out, fully dressed and all, and am so glad that I did. To start with, Avenue32's Fashion Director gave a talk on FW14 trends. That talk introduced me to Joshua Sander's skater shoes, which I'm now full on obsessed with

Following Avenue32 was Maria Black herself, who spoke about her experiences as a designer. What was particularly interesting to me was that she started as a jeweler with a fascination and talent for the trade, not a designer or entrepreneur. She made what she liked, sold it in markets, and eventually it just took off. Now that's inspiring.

I've worn my Monocle Ring every day since, though more often than not the most action it sees is my keyboard.

Still, it's fine with me – at least I have lovely something to look at, both inside the house and out.