Good Reads | 6.6.14

There's a lot going on on this end, team. In one week, it's my dear friend's bachelorette party, and it will be un-bachelorette party-y. In another week, my sister is having a wee one! I'm so overjoyed.

As for this weekend, we're finishing season one of True Detective (I could cry that there's no more to watch just yet), getting some visa paperwork done, reading, relaxing, cleaning, and spending as much time in the – hopefully sunny – outdoors as possible. Have a good one!

This gorgeous view comes from Lilah Horwitz and Nick Olson's gorgeous, handmade home

In honor of the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

This documentary looks heartbreaking, powerful, and inspiring.

A perfect Paris flat in Le Marais. 

I'd really like one of these gorgeous landscape pouches. (via Miss Moss)

This is not what happens in The Fault In Our Stars, but it could be. 

An excellent New York Times piece on the #YesAllWomen movement. 

BRB, found my dream home! It's mainly monochromatic, contains lots of wood and natural elements, and also has colorful children's drawings. Help a brother out with a down payment? 

The reason that making a change is so difficult

A powerful + inspiring story about real veterans making a real difference. 

Second Floor Flat was featured on the BlogHer homepage this week. Thanks, guys!