Pinterest in the Morning | 1

Because I often work from home, I'm lucky that I can spend my mornings drinking coffee and obsessing over Pinterest rather than commuting. (That part is glamorous – many other things about working from home or freelancing are, I assure you, not.)

I spend many a morning on a caffeine-fuelled Pinterest-athon where I come across things that inspire me to the point that I sometimes actually respond aloud with joy. Luckily, the only person that would be able to hear me is Bowtie and, well, he's a teddy bear.

Since (sorry) Pin-spiration is kind of endless, I've decided to start sharing a few of my favorites with you folks. Hope you get as much audible joy out of these as I do!

Photo found on Her New Tribe

Photo by David Kitz

Photo via The Line / Carl Auböck

Photo by Eva K. Salvi

Photo via Zulu & Zephyr 


And on that note, what kind of Pinner are you? A morning-with-coffee pinner, an on-the-couch-with-wine-at-9pm pinner, a weekend pinner? Or maybe you're a bit more strategic. Either way, I'd love to know!