Good Reads: The Best Links this Week

For those of you who don't know, Easter calls for a four-day weekend in the UK, starting tomorrow. That's right, both Friday and Monday are holidays (!). To celebrate both the holiday and the fact that my sweet momma is visiting, we're headed to Amsterdam (again!) for a few days of pancakes, canal walks, and tulips.

I can't wait to get back to that lovely city by the water and (hopefully) see it in the sunshine. Follow along with me on Instagram, y'all – I'd love to share my photos with you! Have a great weekend!

This real life Rosie the Riveter stole a smooch from one of my favorite people. (Jezebel)

Quick, very important hamster interruption. 

Nerd alert: these 13 Chrome apps are total game changers. (Daily Muse)

Amazing South African street style. (The Guardian)

The minimalist's guide to spring cleaning makes my heart pitter patter. I long to be a minimalist. (Need Supply Co.)

Actually just want everything on this list of spring's best basics. (NY Mag)

Imean, this girl's wavy bob is perfect. (Anh Co Tran)

SCADpad is a student + faculty-run project that reimagines urban housing. Way to go, alma mater!

K, one more hamster thing.