Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

Happy weekend!

I'm spending my Friday writing my little heart out on my laptop, Carrie Bradshaw-style. (Which really means that I'll spend my day drinking green chai tea and trying to distract myself from staring out the window and twirling my hair.)

After that's done, I plan on finishing The Goldfinch. I don't want it to end, but I do want to stop carrying it around. Turns out 800 page books in hardcover are heavy. 

Then, I'll catch up with my sweet sister who's just returned from a beach holiday, brunch at the Ace Hotel, spend a dirty evening in a pub, and use my Sunday wisely by walking through the park and creeping on other people's dogs. 

Have a great one!

After seeing this left over from Valentine's Day, I've decided that Gemma Correll and I might be the same person. 

Really loving this look

A gorgeous West Village apartment. That's my old liquor store! (Freunde von Freunden)

Seth Rogen testifies before Congress!

Feeling so inspired by these stock photos(Buzzfeed)

A renovation project turned this home into a cat heaven(Gizmodo)

Original locations of famous fast food chains. (Mental Floss)

Back to being beyond stalker-ish with Kristen Wiig after her appearance on Jimmy Fallon. Solo Bridesmaids viewing is in order this weekend.


And more from me:

-Second Floor Flat was included in the Top 100 International Experience Blogs for 2014. Woah, thanks!

-SUITCASE Magazine: Polo 24 Hour Bar has a killer prosecco breakfast

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