Good Reads: 5 December 2014

Arrived back in Berlin on Monday at 8AM. (Like, we were back in London by 8AM. Why did we decide to fly that early? I'll never know).

From the second we touched down at Heathrow, it's felt like everything is on fast forward. Work is busy, friendly life is busy, everything is busy. The holidays are bonkers, aren't they?

This weekend I'm looking forward to both relaxing and catching up on a few things, as well as having a champagne tea at this place on Sunday afternoon like a baller.

What are you guys up to?

thank you for all of the support on my indie designer directory! I'd love to hear more about your favorite smaller designers (even if it's you!) so please reach out if you feel like something is missing.

have to read "the color of water" after listening to this interview with author james mcbride.

speaking of, finished this book this week. a must-read for any former (forever?) new yorker. 

"we must acknowledge – with eyes and minds wide open – the world as it is if we want to change it." 

for the serial obsessed (mail kimp!). 

they know it's christmas

this home.

long live the lob

currently finishing this profile on angela merkel. (even if you don't read it, be sure to look at the photos.)

carl & ebba is an american-owned shop, based in stockholm, stocking the work of independent swedish designers. how cool is that? i've been wearing this sweater nonstop.

looking for a great holiday tea – something cinnamon-y and snuggly. any suggestions?

so. hard.

favorite finds this week: good night, day / Hokoda / Kate Trouw

from me: on becoming an ex-expat (via Angloyankophile) / the truth about freelancing writing (via June Letters)  / sharing a day in my working life today on @onewomanshop (thanks to Tiffany for introducing me to this super great, supportive network)

reminder: the Monica Squitieri giveaway ends on Sunday!