This Week

'Scuse me if I'm a little on the quiet side this week. I'm flying out from London tomorrow so things are, you know, busy.

For logistical reasons, my husband is staying in London for a few months while I get us set up in North Carolina. And while I am beyond excited to meet this little lady tomorrow (!), I'm also crazy sad about being away from him, albeit temporarily. After three years of long distance, followed by over two years of living together, being apart seems much harder than it was before. (And girl, it was hard before.)

But we're both keeping our eyes on the prize, and the prize is such a sweet one: life in a calmer, quieter, more affordable area, being together, getting a dog, and driving out to the beach or mountains for the weekend.

Man alive, I can't wait.

To round things up, here are a few posts I've written on moving/change/all of it that are hopefully helpful for anyone else going through a challenging but exciting time:

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I'm planning to write again before the new year but in the meantime have a lovely holiday week and I'll catch you on Instagram where I'll soon post pictures of Target, Little Debbie Tree Cakes, shower curtains, and other American bits and bobs.