Good Reads: 07 November 2014

The best of times, the worst of times (it was). 

I've had such a great birthday this week, received the Jujumade earrings I was pining/whining for, a surprise gift from a close pal, am about to buy tickets to see Taylor Swift (shh), and am brunching and museum-ing this weekend. Best week, right?

Yes, but of course moving stress is on my mind in a big way these days. I'm doing everything that I can to keep it down and pay attention to what's more important. 

So here's to focusing on the better and the brighter things. And there are so many.

Have a great weekend, guys!

These photos have me itching for a trip to Big Sur more than ever. 

A look at the cost of romantic comedies.


Wanting a navy jumpsuit so hard right now. 

Americans in the UK: Meet ZipCall. This UK number connects you to US numbers for free and it's about to be your new best friend. Found it this week and I'm obsessed. 

A badass online school of creativity with teachers like Alice Waters, Kim Gordon, Salman Rushdie, and Rodarte.

The history of the turtleneck

Ordered this facial spray after Jen Gotch recommended it in her Lively Show interview. (See? Told you I liked this podcast.)

Fascinating read at the weird world of social media and internet moderation.

Lusting after these Kelsi Dagger oxfords.

After my post on anxiety and impermanence this week, fellow expat Jaime shared this beautifully-written post, which you should read right now.

How to raise girls to negotiate.


Me elsewhere:

Fall shoes


P.S. Sunday Objects is taking a break for the next two weekends. Instead, I'll be enjoying my birthday and visiting with visiting family, which I can't wait for and will, as always, share about on Instagram.